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XT60 VS. IC3 (EC3) Connector: Which is Better?

The Spektrum Smart IC3 connector, introduced by Horizon Hobby, is a new version of the EC3 connector, and they are compatible with each other. How do they differ from the commonly used XT60 connectors? Let’s take a closer look at their differences.

Detailed Comparison

Many clone versions of these connectors are on the market, resulting in varying quality. Therefore, we rely solely on information provided by the original manufacturer.

ConnectorXT60IC3 (EC3)
Continuous Current35A60A
Burst Current70A75A
Max. Wire Gauge12AWG12AWG
RC Car1/10 to 1/12 Scale1/10 to 1/12 Scale
Original ManufacturerAmassHorizon Hobby
XT60 VS. IC3 (EC3) Connector

The main difference among these three connectors is their current handling capacity, with IC3 and EC3 being slightly more robust than the XT60. Additionally, to enhance current transmission, it’s important to use appropriately gauged wires; all three connectors are compatible with 12AWG to 14AWG wires.

Unlike the IC3 (EC3) connectors, which have embedded bullet pins, the XT60’s bullet pins are exposed. This makes soldering with XT60 connectors a bit easier, although it typically requires heat shrink to cover the solder joints. Furthermore, when it comes to ease of plugging and unplugging, the ridged edges on the IC3 end cap provide extra grip.

In terms of cost, the IC3 smart connector, with its higher manufacturing cost, is more expensive, whereas the EC3 and XT60 are both excellent budget-friendly options.

XT60, EC3 and IC3 Connector

What is the Smart Connector?

IC3 and IC5 Smart connectors not only provide basic current handling capabilities but also offer data transmission functions. The data pin on the battery’s Smart connector allows chargers to achieve automatic recognition and data record and storage of battery information. Therefore, compared to XT60 and EC3, these features make the user experience simpler, more convenient, and safer. Additionally, users can access more detailed battery information, enabling them to make informed decisions.

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