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Are Gens Ace LiPos Any Good

Are Gens Ace LiPos Any Good?

Gens Ace is a Chinese manufacturer with over a decade of history. Today, Gens Ace Lipo Batteries are widely used in the RC hobby community. Compared to stock batteries, Gens Ace batteries offer a cost-effective and…


HOTA D6 vs. D6 PRO vs. D6 PLUS

HOTA D6 series chargers come in three versions: the D6, D6 Pro, and D6 Plus. What are the differences between them? Let’s take a detailed look and compare these RC chargers. Basic Parameters Comparison Specification D6…

NiCd VS. Lipo Battery

NiCd VS. Lipo Battery: Which is Better?

In the RC hobby, NiCd and LiPo batteries are commonly used rechargeable batteries. However, their biggest difference lies in performance, with LiPo batteries offering higher charge and discharge rates and longer run times. Beyond this, there…

Cinebot 30 VS. CineLog 35

Cinebot 30 VS. CineLog 35:Which is Better?

Cinebot and CineLog are both designed as FPV quadcopters aimed at smooth shooting. Compared to the 3.5-inch CineLog 35, the 3-inch Cinebot 30 has undergone several upgrades and optimizations. However, during actual use, several drawbacks have…