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Arrma Mojave Grom vs. LaTrax Prerunner

Arrma Mojave Grom vs. LaTrax Prerunner

The Arrma 1/18 scale Mojave Grom has garnered significant attention since its release. But is it a better choice compared to the classic 1/18 scale LaTrax Prerunner desert truck? While they share similar configurations, there are differences in the details. Let’s take a closer look at the distinctions between these two models.

Power System

Both trucks come with stock brushed ESCs and motors. However, the Mojave Grom includes an additional heat sink and is paired with a high-power stock 1400mAh 2S 30C LiPo battery. This setup not only delivers robust power but also withstands extended run times. In comparison, the LaTrax Prerunner falls a bit short, particularly if you want to upgrade its stock 1200mAh 6-cell NiMH battery to a higher-capacity and higher-power battery. Without adding a heat sink, you risk burning out the motor.

Additionally, the Mojave Grom’s stock battery and charger are smart and ease to use, enhancing the overall experience. When charging, you simply plug the battery into the charger, and it starts charging automatically, without any need for presetting.

One minor drawback of the Mojave Grom is that its stock ESC and motor are 2-in-1, which means you cannot replace the receiver independently to connect another transmitter.


Compared to the relatively weaker chassis of the LaTrax Prerunner, the Mojave Grom’s composite chassis is sturdier in construction. Besides, a standout feature is the design of its front and rear bumpers. These bumpers are longer, providing better cushioning during collisions. The rear bumper extends beyond the body, offering additional protection. If you’re considering a durable option for children to play with, the durability of the Mojave Grom is a significant factor.


The LaTrax Prerunner uses body clips, while the Mojave Grom features a clipless design, making removal and installation more convenient. Additionally, the LaTrax Prerunner body sports a graffiti style, whereas the Mojave Grom body boasts a dynamic and vibrant appearance. Both styles have their unique appeal.


Both are excellent 1/18 scale RC desert trucks. However, the LaTrax Prerunner has been around longer, and the Arrma Mojave Grom has built on its strengths and addressed its weaknesses. Despite the price difference, the Mojave Grom offers several upgrades, making it a more advantageous choice. It is budget-friendly, high-performance, and durable. If you are new to the RC hobby or looking for a small-scale RC truck as a gift for a child, the Arrma Mojave Grom is an excellent choice.

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