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Hyper Go vs. Traxxas: Which is Better?

Hyper Go is a series of RC cars launched by MJX that has quickly become a popular choice for small-scale vehicles due to their reliable quality. But how do they compare to the well-known Traxxas cars? The most notable advantage of Hyper Go over Traxxas is its price. Additionally, Hyper Go also has a slight edge in terms of features. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison of their RTR RC cars of the same scale to help you make an informed decision.

Power System

The stock ESC and motor in Traxxas’s 1/16 and 1/18 scale RC cars are brushed, and they use NiMH batteries. In contrast, Hyper Go features a brushless ESC and motor, along with a cooling fan to prevent the motor from overheating during extended use. Hyper Go also uses LiPo batteries. These small-scale Hyper Go cars, with their powerful brushless systems, outperform most of their competitors in terms of performance. The Hyper Go 1/16 scale monster truck, model 16208, can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h on a 2S LiPo battery, easily performing various maneuvers such as hard launches and jumps.

Transmitter and Receiver

In terms of remote control range, both are comparable. The latest version of Hyper Go’s transmitter offers a range of up to 120 meters. According to tests, the Traxxas TQ™ 2.4GHz transmitter has a range between 100 and 150 meters. Additionally, Hyper Go’s receiver is separate, allowing you to replace it with other receivers and connect more professional transmitters to extend the control range and improve accuracy, enhancing the overall remote control experience.

The Traxxas TQ™ 2.4GHz transmitter has only two channels for controlling forward/backward movement and left/right steering. In contrast, Hyper Go’s transmitter has three channels, with the extra channel used to control the vehicle’s lights.

Other Comparisons

Hyper Go’s body features a quick-release design, making it very convenient to remove and install, and it is durable and wear-resistant. Traxxas bodies are also solid, but the quick-release design is only available on their latest models.

Electronics: Hyper Go’s electronics are finely tuned and replaceable, allowing for easy upgrades. You can transform these cars into high-speed little monsters if you wish. Traxxas, being a larger brand, offers more extensive after-sales support, including technical assistance and upgrade options. Therefore, in this aspect, Traxxas has a slight edge.

Some highlights of the hyper go:

  • The chassis of the Hyper Go features bumpers made from engineering plastics at both the front and rear, providing excellent cushioning in collisions.
  • Hyper Go’s shock absorbers are oil-filled, offering superior shock absorption and significantly enhancing the vehicle’s stability and handling.
  • The metal drive shafts of the Hyper Go are robust and crash-resistant. Hyper Go’s differential uses metal gears, which are durable. The differential cover helps prevent water, mud, and other debris from entering the gear compartment, ensuring longevity.


Overall, both of these are excellent RC car brands. Hyper Go cars stand out for their quality, making them a great budget-friendly choice that lowers the entry barrier for beginners, becoming a top pick for many newcomers. On the other hand, Traxxas, as a major brand, offers reliable RC cars with excellent service support and a large user base.

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