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20 XT60 VS. IC3 VS. EC3

XT60 VS. IC3 (EC3) Connector: Which is Better?

The Spektrum Smart IC3 connector, introduced by Horizon Hobby, is a new version of the EC3 connector, and they are compatible with each other. How do they differ from the commonly used XT60 connectors? Let’s take a closer look at their differences. Detailed Comparison Many clone versions of these connectors are on the market, resulting…

EC2 VS. EC3 VS. EC5 RC Connector Comparison

EC2 VS. EC3 VS. EC5: RC Connector Comparison

The EC series connectors were introduced by Horizon Hobby many years ago. Due to their excellent current handling capability and ease of use, they have become widely adopted in the RC hobby over time, especially in RC cars and RC airplanes. So, what are the specific differences between the EC2, EC3, and EC5 connectors in…

Deans VS. XT60 Connector

Deans VS. XT60 Connector: Which is Better?

The deans and XT60 connector are commonly found in RC hobby, and it is necessary to understand their characteristics in order to improve the discharge performance of your batteries. So what is the difference between both? The following content will clearly explain this. Note that since these connectors come from various manufacturers on the market,…