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Losi Lasernut vs. Rock Rey

Losi Lasernut vs. Rock Rey: Comparison of 1/6 Scale Buggy

Although both the Lasernut and Rock Rey are 1/6 scale buggies from Losi, their styles are entirely different. The Lasernut is designed specifically for high-speed driving, while the Rock Rey is built for bashing on rough terrains. Therefore, they focus on different aspects and have many differences in their configurations. In the following sections, we…

Arrma Mojave Grom vs. LaTrax Prerunner

Arrma Mojave Grom vs. LaTrax Prerunner

The Arrma 1/18 scale Mojave Grom has garnered significant attention since its release. But is it a better choice compared to the classic 1/18 scale LaTrax Prerunner desert truck? While they share similar configurations, there are differences in the details. Let’s take a closer look at the distinctions between these two models. Power System Both…

hyper go vs traxxas

Hyper Go vs. Traxxas: Which is Better?

Hyper Go is a series of RC cars launched by MJX that has quickly become a popular choice for small-scale vehicles due to their reliable quality. But how do they compare to the well-known Traxxas cars? The most notable advantage of Hyper Go over Traxxas is its price. Additionally, Hyper Go also has a slight…