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Best Replacement Battery for Arrma Mojave Grom

Best Replacement Battery for Arrma Mojave Grom

Arrma 1/18 scale desert truck — Mojave Grom’s battery tray size is approximately 120 x 40mm (L x W). If you’re looking to go beyond the power provided by the stock battery for this RC truck, you’re in the right place. Here, I’ll recommend two of the best replacement 2s LiPo batteries. These batteries not only extend the runtime but also enhance the responsiveness and burst power. You can choose one based on your budget and personal preference.

Best Performance Battery

Powerhobby 2000mah 2s 50C Lipo with EC2

Powerhobby 2000mah 2s 50C Lipo with EC2 Connector

Brand: Powerhobby
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 2000mAh
Discharge Rate: 50C
Connector: EC2 Plug
Size: 81 x 31 x 15mm
Weight: 102g

Highlight: Long Running Time | High C-rate

The 50C discharge rate of this battery significantly enhances the performance of the Mojave Grom, providing ample current for the equipped 380 brushed motor. You’ll particularly notice the difference in responsiveness when accelerating and making sharp turns with the transmitter.

Depending on driving conditions, this 2000mAh battery can extend the runtime by 5 to 10 minutes compared to the stock battery. For me, two of these batteries are enough to keep the fun going.

This battery is not only the perfect size and performance match for the Mojave Grom, but it also comes with an EC2 connector, which is not commonly found in most replacement batteries.

Longest Running Time Battery

Sea Jump 3500mAh 2s 35C Lipo with Deans Connector

Brand: Sea Jump
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 3500mAh
Discharge Rate: 35C
Connector: T-Plug
Size: 97 x 34 x 20 mm
Weight: 127g

Highlight: Long Running Time | High C-rate

This replacement battery not come with an EC2 connector, but it is budget-friendly. You can easily swap it for an EC2 connector, or use an adapter like the [EC2 to Deans Plug Male Female Adapter] if you prefer not to modify it.

Additionally, the 3500mAh capacity greatly extends the runtime, making it suitable not only for small scale RC trucks but also for 1/10 scale RC crawlers.

Best Budget Battery

CNHL 2200mAh 2S 40C Lipo with Deans Connector

CNHL 2200mAh 2S 40C Lipo with Deans Connector

Brand: CNHL
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 2200mAh
Discharge Rate: 40C
Connector: Deans Plug
Size: 108 x 36 x 19 mm
Weight: 133g

Highlight: Budget-friendly | Long Running Time | High C-rate

CNHL is a well-known brand, and this CNHL battery is also suitable for the Arrma Mojave Grom. Compared to other batteries, it stands out as an overall best choice, offering improved run time and C-rate, along with great durability. Most importantly, it’s a budget-friendly option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Hardcase vs. Softcase, Which is Better?

During use, LiPo batteries are susceptible to damage from impacts. Hardcase batteries provide protection for the battery internals, making them more durable. On the other hand, Softcase batteries are lighter and more compact, allowing for greater capacity.

Q2: What is the RC Smart Battery?

RC smart batteries, such as those from Spektrum and Gens ace G-Tech, offer advanced features and information, including automatic battery identification, data storage, and logging capabilities.

Q3: What is the C-rating?

The C-rating typically refers to the battery’s discharge rate. The higher the C-rating, the greater the discharge power the battery can provide.

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